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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 18, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>>both the city and baltimore county are hit hard. that wind destroyed homes, cars and trees all with brratttaking speed. >> it happened so fast and so quick that there was no ttme to react to do nothing. >> this morning, we bring you all the damage that is left behind and theests of residents and the city to help people pick up the pieces and get their livee back together. harris. 5:30 now on fox 45 early edition. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig and get a check of our forecast as we look at. >> that witness said it right, it can happen like thii and look at all of time in a short time. >> was it determined whether or not it was a tornado. >>not yet. we will hear confirmation coming what we are looking is the winds and calmer conditions for this thursday. this is a whole lot better look for the sky hd radar with dry conditions out there and a few we will see more clouds moving
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ii for later this morning into the afternoon as the northwesterly flow brings us more moisture. some the rain you see in the ohio valley skirts across the western most part of the state, but that is about it. otherwise we are lookiig at a dry day today and more clouds, like i said later this afternoon and llok for the clearing skies to return by nighttime. 46 deerees for the current temperature in baltimore, 43 in d.c., generally we're in the low to mid-30s throughout the area with the north and west of the state. it ill be a cooler morning than it was certainly yesterday morning. look for the temperatures to get up to 52 at noon. ú% will top out around 52 deggees for the high and droo back to 51 at :00 p.m. now for a look at what is happening on the roadways, candace doll. >> reporter: steve, much better than yesterday morning, that is for sure. in fact, we're only talking about one incident and it's already in the ccearing stages. cross lanes at 895, that has
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been due tt a tractor trailer. 95 looks good through baltimore county as well. the southbound lanes from whitemarsh toward the beltway 4 minute at 55 miles per hour. and no complaints on the outer loop lanes of 695 from 95 up towaad 83, 11 minutes, 54 mills per hour and the same scenario from 795 all the way down toward 95. that's a look at the mornings travels. patrice, ack over to you. thank you, candace. 5:32 on fox 45 early edition. those storms are over, but the effect could linger for weeks. hundreds of people are homeless in the city after theirapartmend by winds and all of the debris. joel dflt smith i d smith is lih baltimore where the recovery can begin but no one knows when the recovery will end. >> reporter: we don't know when it's going to begin. just had somebody drive up here homes. to get back into their
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they were turned away. you are seeing a huge police presence not letting everyone into mcclain boulevard. flood lights are inside, but that is about t look at how many police officers are in here guarding a damaged area. this is the mount pleasant apartment complex looking at right now. the sign was bloon off. yesterday it was overwhelming. aa the dutch village apartment and the mount pleasant apartments 360 uniis damaged. 16 buildings condemned. why. broken windows, roofs ripped off, trees torn apart. each coodemned building has 64 units. many people stayiig at overnight shelters the one stablished at mount pleasant ice rink. nearly 2 b 250 people are regisd therr ann they will be allowed to return if things are deemed
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safe. utility workers working hard to gee the power back up. were without power. some of thh residents havv accepted their fate, otters are still in disbelief. >> i'm lucky. anybody that walked out of this is llcky.ú there are a lot of people that out and be as lucky, because they cannot go back to their homes. >> i will have to take it one day at a time, one day at a time. >> reporter: like many others, he didn't have renters insurance. the least residents are hoping to get backkin to their homes to get the vitals, things like medications and the mayor has declared the affected area as an emergency. a curfew was established ú%we don't know wwen this place will be open again for people to go in and take a look around. >> joel, i know they have the concerns, but after hearing megan talk about it aad seeing
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the roofs pulled off of three apartment complexes and the walls collapsed in, it'ssamazing that there are no more injuries ouu offall of this. that is the good news. >> reporter: i think the people will have time to be thankful. i ttink they're looking at what is important. getting inside and ge seeing whe they are going to ive next. >> that is understandable. joel, thank you. p>> governor o'malley took time out of his schedule to stop by some of the arras hardest hit by tte storms. he joined mayor stephanie rawlings-blake to survey thee3 damage. >> i never thought i would ee this in northeast baltimore. >> baltimore county residents were seriously impacted by the weather system. many people found themselves without a place to stay and had to spend the night at an emergency center in towson. more than six homes in parkville ú%re deemed unsafe. high winds brought down 500 year ood trees. in some cases those trees ended
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up on top of homes. ú%nstruction crews removed as much the debris as possible, and that effort will continue oday. hear, -- the thing is i can't get the car out. >> i know it was a tornado. >> many of our fox 45 viewers sent in photos that helped to tell the store eve the storm.3 dusty send sent us this picture of a tree that fell on her gas sigazebo. >> we want to know how the storm affected your neighborhood. you can up load your photos and video to our website, and click on the see it, shoot it, send itt3 icon. you can senn photos directlyú from your phone at pics at just days before millions of americans will take to the skies
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for thanksgiving travel, concerns over enhanced airport security screenings are reaching new highs, but it looks like the measures are here to stay. megaa gilliland is live from bwi from tte director of the tsa who is speaking out about theee new measures. >> reporter: there's a lot going on at bwi. the honking, we are having winter weather preparations later today. inside concerns over new security measures still flying from the full body scan to the pat downs. critics are worried that workers may sues the security measures to get a little too frisky. have o get comfortable with all of thhs. the tsa director testified before a senate committee tt answer complaints from radiation to pat downs that might be considered invasive and intrusive.ú he told the committee thaa he and other senior members went ú%rough a pat down before it was
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while it may be uncomfortable, he says it's necessary to keep americann as safe as possible. some passengers aren't so suue. >> it was just friihttning, you know. it's either you to have have naked photos of yourself ttken by a stranger or be touched by a complete stranger. they use full palms and feee around your breasts and generall tailia. >> another woman from ohio claims she was sexually assaulted. anyone who touches a passenger -nappropriately during the security pat own will be prosecuted, but again they do say the securrty measures are here to stay. there are some options for pilots that walk through the airport. you don't have to go through the full body scanner. as an alternate, the only other thing you can do is the pat down. we're live from bwi, megan
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gilliland. bwi is getting ready in case that he maryland experiences a repeat of last year's winter weather. they are going over procedures.ú thhy are expected tt showcass snow removal equipment and demonstrate a simulator device that is used to train airport employees. the food and drug administration calls caffeinated drinks a health concern.3 the products can't stay on the market in their current form. they have to be reform lated or face possible seizure under the problem according to experts, the caffeinn masks just %-actually is.d a person now the move comes after a year-long review of the product. peter franchot is urging stores to stop bringing the drink and some already have. >> probably wouldn't want to
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bring it mere especially as wee3 have a st. john's college. we havv a lot of people coming in to ask for it and people who were undeeage trying to get the product out. >> four loko is one of the drairchgz being targeted. ittarget -- drinks being tarted. its manufacturer says it will remove the caffeine.ú >> we will talk to a doctor from the john hopkins school of medicine about the phyyical effects drinks like four loko that is coming up in our 7:00 hour. baltimore county police are looking for the man who pisttl-whipped a woman during a robbery ii towssn. it happened on saturday morning. the 68 years old oman and aaother person were walking down this street, near glen mount and cold berry road in towson. that is when aaman tried to grab a woman's purse. ú%en she fooght back, he hit her several times with the gun. >> the victim in this case was a 68-year-old asian femaae and she could only speak just a little bit of english we are really
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concerned in this case, because the suspect was in fact, carrying a handgun and he actually assaulted the victim in this case. >> anyyne with information -hould call metro crime stoppers at 11866-7-lock up. p>> a tip from neighbors leads ú%lice to kids who they believe stole several exotic animals from a nature center? in baltimore. an iguana, a cockroach were taken. they were tipped off by makes it who were taking the animals into their homes. other people will face charges. there is new information in the corruption chargee that led to the arrest of 9 people. in court they revealed that they have video tape of the pollce %-dealls in the middle of a drug the tape showssher agreeing to
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transport drugs. she and two other police officers were arrested on drug and ggn harges. they were arrested days after county executive, jack johnson n and his wife ere taken into custody on corruption charges. federal prosecutors say the caaes are related but they are not saying how. a war declared on underageú drinkers. know. we drink and it's time -- >> what they're doing at the university of maryland. and temperatures this morning start a little cooler in the low to mid-40s throughout the area. those temperatures will cliib to the nice thing the winds have diminished down to
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44:00 on this thursday morning with quite an active thursday night into wednesday morning. now things on this thursday hhve quieted down a bit. winds diminish and skk watch hd radar shows that we have nothing to be concerned out therr. winds diminish, 5-10 miles out of the souttwest. it will be more westerly as we move into the afternoon and then more northwesterly as well. we will get -- other than that not a whole lot goong on. the frontal boundary is well off to the north and east the we get the northwesteely flow behind that low pressure center and that will cool us a little bit today, but seasonable innthe mid-50s. we will see the front move across the ountry to the north ccrolina and south carolina. that will bring milder air as we get into the beeinning of next week. thanksgiviig week it looks like it starts off rather warm. then ccoler air may be moving in and we will talk about what that may mean for us. the jet stream is going to be the deciding actor as to
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whether or not it will be cold or waam next week. the cooler to the north 98 sneak int98 --may sneak into our area. if the cold air moves in, then maybe we get a couppe of snow flakes with it, too. right noo computer models are shying away from it and seeing light rrin instead. 46 degrees tte temperature in baltimore, 43 in d.c. 37 in salisbury. hagerstown, 41 degrees. the temperatures will climb sooe, but not as much as yesterday when we were in thh 60s. partly cloudy sky there. west winds at 5-10 miles per hour. we will see mainly clear skies to start in the central part of the state, but it will ncrease the cloud cover will increase through the arly afternoon and then the clouds will give way to some clearing tonight as high pressure builds back in. 56 degrees for the daytime high3 and againnthat is about seasonable. bbck to the west we're looking3 52 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, a west wind at 5-a 5-10.
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cooler, chilly with a northwest wind at 5-15. tomorrow we cool down to 52 degrees, baa degrees on saturday as we begin to warm things ack up. look at the temperatures, and 54 degrees on sunday with mmstly sunny skies as to tart and then- start and it turns partly cloudy. so it's mild and 58 on wednesday. in comes some rainshowers late tuusday into wednesday. we will be keeping an eye to see if much cooler air comes next week. that's what is happening n the roadways right ow. here is candace dold with the traffic edge. candacee >> reporter: well, steve much better than yesterday morning and while we don't haae too much more storm damage talk about. in fact, right now what we're talking about is out on the beltway and you will like the ú%mbers. 56 miles per hour traveling on outer loopplanes of catonsville and near as ask security boulev. 64 at harford road. as for the jfx only at 60 miles
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per hour there. we are talking about anne arundel county, though. in fact, it's because of a vehicle fire on the northbound lanes of 97 that is right at dorthy road. let's take a live look at 977at -en field boulevard and see how that is shaping up. it's going to be a breeze theee, nortthound and southbound lanes as well. %-beltway, we're in greent. the you can see it from 97 and wrapping around the key bridgg as well. there's one thing to talk about on north sparrow's road, you will find fire activity there. still ahead the ravens are heavy favorites over the panthers this sunday. why memories of tough game over another underdog hassbeenú anything but overconfident. curbing c
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alcohol is the most used and most abused drug in heecountry. if you believe statistics, some it's been a problem at colleges for years, but in today's cover story jeff able shows us what is being done to curb consumption.
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>> reporter: in college park the night is young and along route 1. >> we come out here and we have fun. >> reporter: the party is almost on. >> because kids ared. >> we're college students. >> reporter: as the college crowd prepares to make some noise. ú% it's going to be for number two. >> reporter: university police brace for annther long night. >> the scene at midnight, any interaccion we have with people is definitely going to be alcohol related. >> reporter: most of the 60,000 peoppe who live here are under the age of 21 and most of from underagers who over consume. >> we do a lottof dui's down here. >> first of all, they're easy to rob. >> a fight at the bars. >> you can push them and they will fall over. >> all alcohol related. >> the parents say, oh, well, they're ll going to drink, just
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don't drive. >> that is what we have been saying for years.3 meanwhile the number of teenage alcoholic is getting more and more. >> reporter: the battle goes far beyond beer. experts say the recent availability of the high energy alcohol drink is putting more teens at risk. those who sell alcohol they say are doing little to help. >> 20-ounce drinks for $2. >> reporter: university police chief david mitchell has declared war when e launched an undercover sting operator a bar called the thirsty turtle failed. it served beer to two underage teens. and the this was the scene outside of the thirsty turtle a fight that eft two students stabbed. it was ignited by underage drinking. >> this is beer after beer.3 when somebody is objec obviouslk already and they are aalowed to
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about the profit and the not the health and welfare of our students. >> he news spread faster than a >> these tactics aren't going to help. >> i really don't think they're going to stoopcollege students from drinking. >> kids will get their hands on alcohol. >> like not even just here, like everywhere pretty much. >> reporter: for now the party is over at least at the thirsty turtle, but the war on later on fox 45 morning news, throwing tradition out the window. >> fried turkey is nothing llke -- >> heeproduct that promises to chang the way you make your turrey. but next the maryland terrapins are looking ahead to a match
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p>> good morning, everybody. %-sports.our first look at if you look at the ravens schedule, things look to be setting up nicely. they lost to the falcons a week ago and had 10 days to prepare for one of the worst teams in thh nfl, the carolina panthers. about a month ago, the buffalo bills came to maryland and they wound up giving the ravens all
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down in defeat. the number one job for the ú%vens is to not let that happen again. >> if you don't, you can't let it bother you. ú%u got to continue stay at it. the bottom line is weewan to put points on the board. you always want to be off to a good start and get your confidence going early. >> an already bleak forecast got more so for the panthers.ú they placed angelo williams on injjred reserve. he has an injury to his arm. he will be replaced by mike goodson who topped the 100-yard mark against the bucks last sunday. after going 2-10 a year ago. the maryland terrapins were a big afterthought heading into the season in acc circles. ú%e terps stand 7-3 and the coach is a strong candidate for the coach the year an horse. the boys have a big one. they are tiled can the seminoles
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-n nc state. a win over the fsu keeps the terps in the thick of the race. they are fully aware of what is at stake. >> they have had a great week of they have another one today. our kids are excited and our fans aae e ited. hopeful -- excited. hopefully they will be here because we need them, it's time for our high school game of the week contest. you could vote for thh game you would like to see highlighted some. here is this week's slated game. for friday november 19th. these are regional finals in the playoffs. franklin travels to north regional, wild lake and river hill meet in the 3a east final -nd city college is at the eastern tack and we will announce the final on thursday
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night. that's morning news. i'm bruce cunningham. fox 45 morning news. no matter where you are, we are looking for fans to seed us your photos. coming up in the 6:00 hour, a wave of crime is being committed on college ampuses across maryland. we talk to the former police commissioner about what students should do to stay safe. i'm joel d smith live in northeasttbaltimore where folks are waiting to get back into their homes after that wicked weather yesterday. the uestion is when will that happen. >> reporter: the busy holiday travel season is now just dayss
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